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Ben and Isabel stopped by last night and Savannah is 4 lbs 5 ounces now. Her de-statting is becoming less frequent all the time. We are hopeful for her soon release. Ben is going to check on her ketchup levels and report back per Carter’s suggestion.

In case Carter doesn’t add his comment in the previous entry, it was his new BDUs. Ben laughed when I told him I said Carter should pack his dress greens and wear ‘em and come visit Savannah and hold her. I also forgot to mention to you that we called Carter on Ben’s 16th birthday but he was feeling too old to come and beat up Ben.

People still ask how I can stand getting up so early. I get up, oftentimes without an alarm clock, about 3:30 every morning. Sometimes I will sleep in until 4:15 and when I was really sick, I slept in until 5:00! The reason I get up early is that this is a quiet time around the house and is about the only time I can get any real writing done, which these days seems to consist of blogging and e-mail. There are times when I will just spend my time writing and not even get on the internet at all, but then I have to play catch-up which is not to be confused with playing in the ketchup.

First I check my 2 main e-mail accounts, and try to respond to whatever is in them. I also have a couple of other accounts that I use mainly for junk mail, like when you sign up at a website that you have a feeling is going to sell you.

My problem with e-mail is that when I get a message, I feel that I need to respond to it like a regular correspondence, point for point. Then, when I get a response to that, I reply. Some people just reply once and then quit, but I can’t seem to do that, so if you write to me, I’ll get back to you in the same amount of detail, and we can have quite the in-depth conversation. This takes time, however.

Then I have two sets of blogs I read. (I am going to have to update my blog links list again soon. Do you guys ever visit any of these blogs I have linked? Just curious. Sometimes I will click on a link on someone’s blog I am reading and find another interesting blog that way.) The ones I consider my friends, who I have permission to link too and all others that are either people I don’t really know, but have interesting things to say, either once in a while or all the time. Sometimes I run out of time and these are the first ones to go.

There are 10 blogs that I try to check every day without fail. There used to be 12, but Elizabeth gave it up. Fortunately some of these folks are like me and don’t update every day, or I would not be able to do it. Then there are 7 that I read on occasion, but not all the time, although sometimes I will try to catch up on all of their entries. These are people I don’t really know at all, and a couple are ones that I don’t always agree with (although many people will tell you I am just plain disagreeable to begin with) and don’t agree with the way they choose to express themselves, either in their choice of words or images. They have good and interesting things to say, also, however, and I take the good with the bad.

I try to leave a comment when I can and will join in the “chatterboxes” occasionally as well.

This blog reading process can take a while. Here is the list, not in order of importance, or even the order I check them, but just a list of blogs I check. First are people who have given me permission to post links to their blogs.

Nicole. She likes people to leave a note somewhere so she knows someone has visited.

Ashley, who is just getting hers started. She used to be online all the time, but not so much now anymore. She has friends from all around the world who will be excited about this news.

Carter. My friend. Occasionally his language may get the best of him, but he is (don’t ever tell him I said this) very intelligent and witty and has knowledge of a wide range of topics from all manner of military history to the nuances of various brands of ketchup and many things in between.

Sam is a student in Singapore and has a very, very broad range of topics. We met by accident and have become friends. This is one of my faves.

Susan, to whom I refer as Susan the Speeder because she is forever getting stopped by the Oklahoma State Patrol for speeding, but never getting any tickets. I think they must all be male officers that stop her. She has many good things to say and it is worth reading her back entries if you have time. I have linked to her entry about tips for modesty for men and women before as well as referred to things she has said. I also like her keynote signature, “Much love and…” She is at

Mandy, a Texan, aspiring writer and all around just nice person is at

Jinny, a friend of Sam’s originally and has since become a friend of mine. When the tidal wave hit and I didn’t know any geography of the region I wrote to her and asked her about Sam because I was worried. Turns out Sam just had a r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w connection. She lives and goes to school in England.

Cindy and I used to work together but she is an extremely busy graphics arts student and doesn’t update hers very often at all but she actually got me interested in blogging in the first place.

Then I visit my 2 blogs and answer any comments or messages on either one of them. I do this before I update them. Please answer my poll question about the humor blog. I’m going to keep it anyway, but I do wonder sometimes about it. &

I also check the Boy Scout page to see what atrocities they have committed.

After that I check 2 humor sites, which is a good-natured look at the misinterpretations that occur around the world and which tells about misprints in the news.


Occasionally I will visit the following blogs. These are some that I have run across on my travels and think are interesting at times. (About the only “professional” one I read, and that is only occasional)

So, there ya have it. If I get an inspiration for any other writing I will have to forego these pleasures, of course.

Remember, as the Good Book says, Whatever you find to do, do it!

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