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Cool New Savannah News

Just got a call from Isabel at the hospital. Savannah has been nippling all of her feedings and no longer has the tube down her throat. If she can keep on with that, she could be home as early as next week! Yes way! Then they will test her and see if she is able to sit in the car seat for a half an hour to 45 minutes or more. Ben and Isabel have taken their infant CPR classes already and they will probably get a heart monitor sent home as a precaution. She will have oxygen at home as well.

It is hard to not be excited because even though there have been so many setbacks, she has fought her way through each one. I think this is another area where we will just have to trust God. You know, if you think about life in general, that is what you have to do anyway. You have to trust God that he will watch over you and do what is best for you.

We had a missionary here who told about some church folks who were sitting in a beachside restaurant on December 26th and were feeling kind of down that they couldn’t get a beach cabin. They thought they had one reserved and this vacation was supposed to be a present for the kids, but when they got there they found out they had to take a cabin on top of the hill. When they finished eating they decided they would just make the best of it and went back up the hill to the cabin. The wave hit immediately after they got in the cabin and the restaurant they had just been in was gone. The wife was a registered nurse, which needs no comment.

No human mind can plan such a thing and no human mind can comprehend the sum of God’s plans. I said that to say that I have a personal belief that Savannah has been protected and helped by God and when she comes home, she is still in the hands of God. We are all clueless as to the tragedies and joys that await us in life and it is why we have to love and appreciate the people we have while we have them. I apologize for the digression, yet I don’t. My heart is full.

The Good Book says, “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we diet.” Or, er, something like that.

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