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Two Months Old

Today our Savannah is 2 months old! Yep. 2 months have gone by since they pulled her out with her little fist raised. From 1 pound 8 ounces to 4 pounds 4 ounces! I told her there were people all over the U.S.A. and around the globe that are and have been praying for her and hoping for her speedy health. She is maintaining her body heat but she forgets to breathe when she is doing certain things and her stats drop. She also still has the tube in her nose, but they are working on getting her to eat more by herself.

She is still smaller than either of the 2 preemies we had but that doesn’t look like it’s going to last for long. We know God has helped her. There is no question about it and we just trust Him. She is still not out of the woods yet, but of course our hopes are raised each day with each new little victory.

Pretty soon Carter will have to buy a new set of B.D.U.s and come visit her. This is an inside joke which is going to become an outside joke now. (I hope no English students are using me for an example!)

Carter has always been a proud soldier. We have known each other since, oh, I don’t know, around 1976 – 77? He joined the Army the first time in the early 80’s, around the time I got married. We corresponded sporadically and I sent a story called “The City Of Golden Beer Cans” which I had written in his honor. I found the original copy recently and was absolutely appalled at the poor quality of the writing. I may post it on the humor blog (Do more than 3 people even look at the humor blog?) so you can laugh at my early writing as well as the story.

Anyway, Ben was born April 19, 1983 and that year Carter was also home on leave. The early 80’s were when the Army started phasing out the plain green uniform, which was comfortable and streamlined and replacing it with the “Battle Dress Uniform,” a camouflage thing that feels like pajamas when you wear it. When I went in the Army the first time in 1981 we all had the plain green and ate C-rations but there was talk about the uniform and field chow changing and by the time I went in the second time in 1987, it was all BDUs and MREs. The reason for this digression is to let you know how new the Battle Dress Uniform was.

Carter had bought a new set and brought them home on leave to show everyone, including me. He came over to visit our new little family (He was at our wedding, which is a story fore another day) with them on, to let us see them. Well, the proud soldier had ironed his uniform and really looked great when he came over. He was watching Margaret change Ben’s diaper; she had just undone it and Ben took one look at him and hosed all over his new uniform! Just got him before anybody could do anything about it.

Carter told Ben that when he turned 16, he would come back and beat him up. We called Carter on Ben’s 16th birthday but he changed his mind.

So, Carter will have to buy a new set of BDUs, no better yet, Carter will have to put on his dress greens and come visit Savannah. Of course the way she is, he better not let her sit on his lap!
The Good Book says that “A friendly discussion is as stimulating as the sparks that fly when iron strikes iron.”

***** Note *****
Margaret remembers it as being his Dress Greens. Maybe Carter will leave a comment.

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