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Our little baby has a tube coming out of her stomach through the esophagus to help her burp. I offered her a Coke but the nurse said no. Can you imagine a Thiel not being allowed to drink a coke?!? Well, she seemed pretty sure about the proper way to let the baby get air up, so poor little Savannah will just have to wait to taste the heavenly nectar. I thought maybe a Mountain Dew, but no, she was a real stickler.

The baby does NOT like the tube down her throat (no, duh) and she pulled it out with both hands, once already! I laughed. Margaret asked the nurse, what’s this tube go to and it had to be reinserted.

She had been getting 1 CC of mother’s milk every 2 hours, then 2 CCs. Now she is getting a full 2 CCs! A teaspoon is approximately 5 MLs = CCs. To put this in perspective, When our first preemie, Elizabeth, came home at 4 lb 12 oz, she was on 20 CCs. an ounce is 30 CCs.

Ben was just here and told how she will now use her legs to push herself up and around and fight. She is very feisty.

In an interesting but totally unrelated story, Margaret has a new cappuccino recipe. At 7-11 they have a flavor called “Bananas Foster” and what Margaret does now is puts 1/3 “Bananas Foster,” 1/3 hot chocolate and 1/3 steamed milk. She puts graham cracker crumbs in it where available and then tops it off with marshmallows and calls it coffee.

I drink the stuff that, as one of the Sacketts, says, is “hot and black as the hinges of hell.” Or, “It was so thick you could float a mule shoe on it.”

I apologize for the brevity of these messages; it has just been a little overwhelming, time-wise.

As the Good Book says, “If a politician promises a chicken in every pot, better check the hen house.”

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