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Woo-hoo! 1 pound, 13 ½ ounces! Ben and Isabel can hold the baby for one full hour a day. She is so stable; they are considering moving her from the NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) to a different hospital. That sounded a little premature (pun intended) to me. I do not know what that is all about, yet.

They are also going to step up on her feedings a little bit.

We are, I think, I hope, over with being sick, so we won’t be carrying a bunch of germs up with us, so we will go and see her more again. I hate doing pics on film or other people’s cameras because it takes longer to get them on the computer.

Took the girls to the Chapel Hills Mall, mostly to window shop, but there is a store there where you can custom-make teddy bears “While U Wait” and Tabitha bought the baby a dress there. Even that is going to be too big for her, but it will make pretty Christmas pictures.

I slept in this morning until almost 5 and tried to answer some e-mails before I did this, so I am behind the time curve again.

Sorry, just remember, the Good Book says, “Be patient with me and I will write more gooder later.”

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