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More Good News

December 29, 2004 Herb 0
Well, we are up to 2 lbs 9 oz now! Over 2 ½ lbs! We have cold germs running through the house again, so we won’t be up there again for a little while. Aarrgghh. I had been worried about my friend Continue Reading[...]
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Christmas Celebrations

December 26, 2004 Herb 0
We have always had traditional things we have done for various holidays, like for Thanksgiving we have a big turkey and all that goes with it and I read the poem “When Father Carves The Duck” which i found on the internet Continue Reading[...]
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Margaret Fell

December 23, 2004 Herb 0
We had another snow, about 7 inches. This is looking promising for a white Christmas. Here in Colorado Springs we don’t often have one. It is VERY slippery, however. Margaret came out of church, slipped, and fell flat on her back, hitting Continue Reading[...]
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Odds and Ends

December 21, 2004 Herb 0
Okay folks, unless I update this entry later this will be about it. I recommend for your reading pleasure this link which goes to Susan’s blog. Her tips, for both women and men, are absolutely true. I especially like the propriety Continue Reading[...]
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2 lbs 5 oz

December 20, 2004 Herb 0
We got to see Savannah today. We had been avoiding the hospital because we have all had a variety of stomach and cold viruses and did not want to carry anything up there. The nurse said she wished everyone would show that Continue Reading[...]
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Picture and Short Update

December 16, 2004 Herb 0
Here is a picture of a Savannah Melody! Thanks to Sam, I was able to find one. I have a notoriously black thumb, but I have found several places that sell the bulbs and was thinking of trying to grow one. I Continue Reading[...]
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Job Hunting

December 15, 2004 Herb 1
Since so many people I know are looking for work and some for their first real job, I have decided to put down a few of the rules that I have used in the past to get a job. Modify them to Continue Reading[...]
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December 14, 2004 Herb 0
Our little baby has a tube coming out of her stomach through the esophagus to help her burp. I offered her a Coke but the nurse said no. Can you imagine a Thiel not being allowed to drink a coke?!? Well, she Continue Reading[...]
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More Info

December 12, 2004 Herb 0
Woo-hoo! 1 pound, 13 ½ ounces! Ben and Isabel can hold the baby for one full hour a day. She is so stable; they are considering moving her from the NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) to a different hospital. That sounded a Continue Reading[...]
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More Info

December 10, 2004 Herb 0
The latest info, such as I have. Grandma Pike is out of the hospital and doing as well as ever. Isabel is out of the hospital, too. We haven’t seen much of the baby the last few days because we have all Continue Reading[...]
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December 8, 2004 Herb 0
I am horrified at the spelling, grammar and usage in the latest entry. Please forgive it. It just goes to show what a combination no sleep and no proofreading and trying to hurry to get something out is. Arrggghhhh!