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Margaret Fell

We had another snow, about 7 inches. This is looking promising for a white Christmas. Here in Colorado Springs we don’t often have one. It is VERY slippery, however. Margaret came out of church, slipped, and fell flat on her back, hitting her head hard. She had a giant goose egg and was disoriented including some short-term memory loss! I’ve never seen anything like it before. All of a sudden, she could not remember what day it was or what we had done all day or where she lived. She was very upset and so was everyone in the van. I had planned to take her to the hospital after I dropped everyone off at home, but she wanted to stop at the fire station and have someone look at her, so we did. They put her in an ambulance and she went to the ER.

I took Grandma and the girls home at 10 MPH, it was that slick, then made a couple of work-related calls and head for the hospital. Elizabeth had gone with her in the ambulance so she would not feel quite so bad. It was bad enough for her, though. She is claustrophobic and they had put a neck brace on her and strapped her to one of those boards I can’t think of the name of because it is 3:04 AM. We were done in the ER about 1:15 and then had to go get a prescription for a painkiller filled.

I mention she is claustrophobic (which is not, as I thought, a fear of Santa) because not only was she strapped down, but she also had to have a CT scan. Yes, Carter and Randy, there was something in there. Of course, I was a big enough brat to ask the doc. It helped that Margaret was helpless and couldn’t slug me or anything. They also X-rayed her neck to make sure she hadn’t hurt herself. They didn’t find a concussion, but I have to wake her up every couple-three-four hours to make sure she knows her name and where she is, etc. so here I am. Telling you guys what happened, drinking double-strength coffee and trying to focus on writing.

She is actually doing okay as of this writing and says she can tell someone was praying for her because of how much better she feels.

YAWN!!! Excuse me. Okay, I haven’t gone on this little sleep since the bad old days. YAWN!!! Oh! Excuse me.

I think I just go ahead and post this. As the Good Book says, hmmm…I have too little sleep to put something in here.

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