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Greeting and felicitous salutations, ‘blog fans. I don’t know if I have enough to fill an entry. My idea pump seems to be jammed. Well, actually, I have several good ideas and suggestions, but I just don’t feel like working on them. I know you come here for news and to see what’s going on and read what I have to say, so maybe I will just sort of ramble until I get to where I want to go.

Hmmm, Tabitha, my middle daughter, is going to West Coast Conference with one of the women from our church. This will be her second time out to California, but her first at something like this. She’s pretty excited. She is using her own money to finance the trip completely. She has a part-time job in a Vet’s office as what I describe as an “Animal CNA.” She helps with surgeries, anesthesia, cleaning cages and walking dogs. She started out as a volunteer and they liked the way she works so much that they put her on the payroll. The money she doesn’t spend on books or her porcelain doll collection or going out to eat with the young people, she puts in the bank. She must get her frugality from her mom, but at any rate she had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity come up and she is going to take it.

Okay, what is with the comics?!?!? I just read where Doonesbury is going to use the “f” word. A number of papers are not running the strip, but if you want to see it you can go to the newspaper’s office. You know, as I said before, move all of the blatantly political comics to the Op-Ed section. I think the funnies should be funny. There is so much innuendo in so many of them it is almost to the place that parents ought to pre-read the comics before letting their kids look at them. Oh, don’t even bother with your self-righteous, “what about the First Amendment and censorship and all that other hand-wringing claptrap?” Well, I say, what about common decency, courtesy and just plain nice manners? They can say what they want and so can I. It is time that all of us, myself included, started showing that we do care.

Let’s see, what else is news? Elizabeth’s friend from college has been coming to church the last several services and seems to be enjoying himself. She is working very hard and doing something that has not been done in this family before.

Abigail is off being grounded so the phone lines around the country will start heating up once again. We have this deal through Qwest that you pay five cents a minute up to a cap of twenty dollars. This month’s phone bill didn’t even have all the minutes used up! She calls all of the friends she met at Heritage Conference and any of the relatives that want to talk. She is the friendly one in this bunch.

It’s sometimes hard to know what’s going on with Ben and Isabel and the baby because they run with a different gang than us and are always so tired out from work that they have a hard time making it to all of the scheduled church services there are. They do make it to Sunday morning, but I am usually preoccupied with Sunday School and getting it together that I can’t take advantage of that time. I tried foregoing my Sunday nap, but then I just sit on the couch and fall asleep while everyone is talking, anyway. Perhaps we just need to pray about his job situation so it will be easier for him to make it to church on other nights as well.

The critters have all been pretty well-behaved, so I guess this is about the end.

Remember, as the good book says, Never spit in the air or it will land in your face.

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