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More Miscellany

Yesterday afternoon Ben and Isabel came over. Isabel is a photographer as well as a CNA. Fortunately, for us all she doesn’t combine the two careers. Anyway, she came over and took Abigail to take a bunch of pictures down at Fountain Creek. It’s a little “greenbelt” area that is wooded and provides a lot of outdoor background. There are deer and other wild animals and it is all “in town.” Abigail is by far and away the most photogenic of our family, not shying away from the camera but rather enjoying it. She is more comfortable with being beautiful than the other girls and has been known to be something of a class clown and a ham on occasion. (I don’t know where she could have picked that up.)

Ben and I talked and cleaned the bunny cage, well I cleaned the cage, Ben observed. So, i guess now i will have to retract my statement from yesterday about never getting to see them. The baby is moving around and kicking and just generally squirrelly as babies are wont to be.

We went to the store and when we came back, the pictures were done. They went and had them developed at a 1 hour place and they came out beautifully. I wish I could show them to you but i don’t want to pay for the web space at this site and haven’t really got a good free spot to make one at. I am thinking I may use a geocities site for photos if i keep this up. I do have a web page at but it doesn’t have any photos or family stuff on it and is full of pop-ups. I’m proud of it because i wrote all the HTML code myself, but I haven’t updated it recently. It doesn’t even have a guest book, but you can e-mail me and tell me what you think.

The only other problem with doing a photo/family website is the time it takes to scan in pictures. I still might, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll wait and see if there is a clamoring cry from my vast audience of all 7 or 8 of you that read this. Actually i don’t know how many hits i get because i don’t want to pay for anything. Free is cheap and cheap is good.

Oh horrors! It was just pointed out to me that my my humor blog page, i have used the same joke 2 days in a row. I guess i better go back and delete one. It’s really funny that i did that because i have all of these folders set up to put the stuff i use and am gonna use in and i must have been suffering from Encephaloflatulence. Oh, like you never have.

Anyway, remember, as the Good Book says, “Money grows wings like an eagle and flies away!”

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