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More Miscellany

October 31, 2004 Herb 0
Yesterday afternoon Ben and Isabel came over. Isabel is a photographer as well as a CNA. Fortunately, for us all she doesn’t combine the two careers. Anyway, she came over and took Continue Reading[...]
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Stuff And Updates

October 30, 2004 Herb 0
Greeting and felicitous salutations, ‘blog fans. I don’t know if I have enough to fill an entry. My idea pump seems to be jammed. Well, actually, I have several good ideas and Continue Reading[...]
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Sunday School

October 26, 2004 Herb 0
Greetings Blog Fans, Sorry I haven’t done anything new for a couple of days. I guess I am in something of a slump. Yesterday I slept in until 5:00 and Sunday I Continue Reading[...]
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October 20, 2004 Herb 2
Greetings ‘blog fans! Blog. Now there’s a word for you. I had a hard time finding out the proper spelling of it. Oh, yes way, really! I did so try to look Continue Reading[...]
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October 18, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16327-014: My van, a dirt and maroon 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan, was sitting at the gas pumps Saturday waiting for me to pay my bill.  It’s a nice van Continue Reading[...]
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October 17, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16326-013: Okay, so a ‘blog is supposed to be where you can vent your spleen and rant and rave and carry on, right? So let me tell you something Continue Reading[...]
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Grammar Checker V2

October 16, 2004 Herb 2
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16325-012: Okay, this is where i am going to do it. I’m feeling lazy and uninspired this evening so I am going to let the grammar and spell checker Continue Reading[...]
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October 13, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16322-010: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! (Word counted that as one word) Okay. I am pumped! What an incredible thing! I have never been to a political rally so it was all new Continue Reading[...]
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10112004 Goals

October 11, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16320-009: I have been told in sundry times and in diverse manners, that what i need to do is set some goals for myself as far as my writing Continue Reading[...]