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More Miscellany

October 31, 2004 Herb 0
Yesterday afternoon Ben and Isabel came over. Isabel is a photographer as well as a CNA. Fortunately, for us all she doesn’t combine the two careers. Anyway, she came over and took Abigail to take a bunch of pictures down at Fountain Continue Reading[...]
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Stuff And Updates

October 30, 2004 Herb 0
Greeting and felicitous salutations, ‘blog fans. I don’t know if I have enough to fill an entry. My idea pump seems to be jammed. Well, actually, I have several good ideas and suggestions, but I just don’t feel like working on them. Continue Reading[...]
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Herbert E. Thiel

October 27, 2004 Herb 6
When I was growing up and even to this day when I am around certain relatives and people who have known me since I was young, and some elderly folks, I bore the moniker, “Little Herbie.” Man, I hated that. I hated Continue Reading[...]
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Sunday School

October 26, 2004 Herb 0
Greetings Blog Fans, Sorry I haven’t done anything new for a couple of days. I guess I am in something of a slump. Yesterday I slept in until 5:00 and Sunday I stayed in bed until 6:00! Sunday I had kind of Continue Reading[...]
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Fiddler On The Roof

October 22, 2004 Herb 0
I never had an opportunity to see “Fiddler on the Roof” before, but I got to last night! What a great play. Memorable songs and music, good story, great acting it was a real treat to go. We had to wait until Continue Reading[...]
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October 20, 2004 Herb 2
Greetings ‘blog fans! Blog. Now there’s a word for you. I had a hard time finding out the proper spelling of it. Oh, yes way, really! I did so try to look up the spelling of it. Spelling errors just drive me Continue Reading[...]
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October 18, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16327-014: My van, a dirt and maroon 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan, was sitting at the gas pumps Saturday waiting for me to pay my bill.  It’s a nice van and gets about 20 – 24 MPG when it’s running Continue Reading[...]
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October 17, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16326-013: Okay, so a ‘blog is supposed to be where you can vent your spleen and rant and rave and carry on, right? So let me tell you something that makes me mad every Sunday! Something so frustrating and Continue Reading[...]
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Grammar Checker V2

October 16, 2004 Herb 2
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16325-012: Okay, this is where i am going to do it. I’m feeling lazy and uninspired this evening so I am going to let the grammar and spell checker in Microsoft Word XP run the show. For instance, where Continue Reading[...]
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Coffee And A Thousand Words

October 14, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16323-011: Okay, so my friend and former co-worker, Alice, sends me an e-mail that says she has always heard it was supposed to be a minimum of a thousand words a day. Well, I think that may be true, Continue Reading[...]
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October 13, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16322-010: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! (Word counted that as one word) Okay. I am pumped! What an incredible thing! I have never been to a political rally so it was all new to me, but it got everyone pumped up. It was, Continue Reading[...]
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10112004 Goals

October 11, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16320-009: I have been told in sundry times and in diverse manners, that what i need to do is set some goals for myself as far as my writing is concerned. The idea that, no matter what, I will Continue Reading[...]