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Steenking Dog

October 7, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16316-005: Oh, man (I love grammar checker. The little green wavy line came under the word “man” just now so I right clicked it to see what they suggested as a replacement, and they suggest “operate” or “staff” so Continue Reading[...]
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10062004 entry

October 6, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16315-004: Just a note of explanation now that i have sent out a mail to you all about this blog. I have a wide variety of friends from a wider variety of ideologies. What this means to you, gentle Continue Reading[...]
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General Stuff

October 5, 2004 Herb 0
Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16314-003: Since there are some people that know me and my family well and others know little or nothing I think I will just list off the players and jump in. As time goes on you will get to Continue Reading[...]