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Category: Genealogy

  • Scotland on the Blogging A – Z Challenge

    Scotland on the Blogging A – Z Challenge

    Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23086 – 1111 Here’s the haps: As you may or may not remember my wife and I are Scottish landowners. But that’ll be just the icing on the cake of our trip. Well, as far as we know and as far as any human can plan anything. What…

  • Extra! Extra! My Wife Saved A Life (Real Story)

    Extra! Extra! My Wife Saved A Life (Real Story)

    Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22105-676: For quite a few months now my wife has been working on our family genealogies using among others. She has narrowed down the search for my bio-dad and we feel fairly secure in the knowledge. During her journeys she has met a number of different…

  • Imprinted


    The whole Nurture Vs Nature argument boils down to be a bunch of hogwash. Yes, your eye color or skin color or the size of your nose can all be predetermined genetically. Most of your physical traits are likely related to how your DNA is compiled. How about your temperament…

  • Happy St Patrick’s Day

    Happy St Patrick’s Day

    I have spent a little bit of time helping get our church website ready for the next couple of weeks. Bishop and Pastor are trying to not only be careful to protect our members, especially our older members, from this sickness but they are also trying to be good citizens…

  • Nature Versus Nurture – My Opinion

    Nature Versus Nurture – My Opinion

    There are a lot of people from many walks of life and fields of science who have studied for many years on the question of what makes us act the way we do. Are we born into the world devoid of personality and everything is imprinted on us by what…

  • Ancestry Anomalies

    Ancestry Anomalies

    My wife and I have taken an interest in our family trees. We did the DNA thing and are learning a lot of things and meeting some new people. My wife can go clear back to the 1600s and may be a Daughter of the American Revolution. It’s been really…

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