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Ancestry Anomalies

My wife and I have taken an interest in our family trees. We did the DNA thing and are learning a lot of things and meeting some new people. My wife can go clear back to the 1600s and may be a Daughter of the American Revolution.

It’s been really interesting and informative but there have been a couple of puzzling items as well. I have had two matches as first – second cousins that don’t match up anywhere else in my family at all. There is not much to tell, at the moment, other than that. We’ve contacted them and are trying to sort things out.


4 responses to “Ancestry Anomalies”

  1. Amber Avatar

    That’s super cool. Maybe one day I could figure that out about mine

  2. Herb Avatar

    Well, it’s cool, but there is a bit of a mystery that I’m not ready to address publicly just yet.

  3. Carter King Avatar
    Carter King

    my dad’s side has been traced back to the year 1449,to an Albanian community that had lived in Frankfurt,Germany for roughly 1000 years before emigrating en masse to Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the mid 18th century,with my first ancestor stepping ashore in Philadelphia in the year 1749,and his son served as a sergeant in the 2nd company,New Jersey line,and his discharge was signed by George Washington.My mom’s side is a bit more murky,coming from East Prussia,with lots of records destroyed in WW2

    1. Herb Avatar

      Okay. I’m impressed.

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