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A New Sandwich

February 11, 2006 Herb 0
*Runs in at full tilt, Guido Jr chasing him with a fine Italian Salame.  Panting.* Okay.  Okay.  Guido Jr. has convinced me to update.  I told him I didn’t want to.  I was feeling sorry for myself because I only had 8 people comment on my little Continue Reading[...]
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November 2, 2005 Herb 0
Greetings, Blogging Cronies, Bloghoppers and Blogophiles! Okay, I’m back, I think. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. It really makes a difference, let me tell you. While I was off I did a lot of reading and one of Continue Reading[...]
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Dead Drunk

October 11, 2005 Herb 0
“Oh we’ll smash the saloon when we’re men, We’ll hit it again and again, We shall tear it down, Down unto the ground, Oh, we’ll smash the saloon when we’re men…” “We’ll Smash the Saloon”…From a Sunday School songbook ca. 1900 called Continue Reading[...]
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Pix Posted

March 16, 2005 Herb 0
I don’t really have a weight update on Savannah. Her gain has slowed because the doctor wanted to get her onto a normal formula mix rather than the extra-calorie mix which would have messed up her liver and such. I haven’t lost Continue Reading[...]
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Eat, Drink and Be Merry

February 10, 2005 Herb 0
First of all, Savannah is 5 lbs 1 oz! Hooah! Except that now she has a cold and is anemic. The cold will definitely keep her in the hospital until Friday and the anemia may provoke the need for a blood transfusion. Continue Reading[...]
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December 14, 2004 Herb 0
Our little baby has a tube coming out of her stomach through the esophagus to help her burp. I offered her a Coke but the nurse said no. Can you imagine a Thiel not being allowed to drink a coke?!? Well, she Continue Reading[...]