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Baby Pics, Wedding Pics, and Cookies!

Oh, I’m a baaaaaad boy!

I did it. I took the last homemade chocolate chip cookie. Carter will remember Margaret making them, and every time she would, my uncle would magically appear out of nowhere. He could be on a deer stand in the middle of the Wisconsin north woods at -50 F and somehow realize cookies were baking.

Well, now my daughter Tabitha does it. We buy the big bag of the name brand chips and she just uses the recipe off the side of the bag except that I do NOT like nuts in my chocolate chip cookies, especially walnuts, but any nuts really. I like them soft and warm and chewy, right out of the oven with a glass of whole milk…Yeah buddy! And How!

Sounds like the makings of a new poll.

Results of the old poll

13 total votes

46% Creamy

8% Crunchy

46% Extra Cruchy

0% Can’t stomach the stuff

0% Allergic

0% Deathly allergic

So now I will start a new poll. The field marked “Chipless” is to honor my friend James who is over in Iraq and a little too busy to read blogs. When he used to come over and Tabitha would be baking cookies, she would bake a special batch just for him without any chips.

The pictures from Elizabeth’s wedding are up in the gallery along with pictures of “The Tooth.” Actually it is the “teeth.” She is sprouting them jokers all over the place. Well, okay, two on the bottom and two are coming in on top. She was over last night. She is crawling now and can pull herself up on things. She had fun with grandma’s big (giant) Tupperware mixing bowl and some measuring spoons and cups. I will try to put descriptions by some of the pics to help you keep track. She is a real cutie. Most of the really good pictures were taken by my daughter-in-law, Isabel.

Savannah eating her first bowl of spaghetti is really great. Well, there are plenty to browse through this time. She is a 16+ pounder, we have kind of stopped keeping track, you know.

She is 10 months old, now! It will be a year ago November 28th that the little 1 ½ pound, 27 week preemie came out with her fist clenched, fighting for life.

The Good Book Says, “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.”

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