What? Herb Was Gone? Where? Did He Make Coffee?

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23265 – 1163

Here’s the haps:

Greetings all. Just a quick note to let you all know that we are okay but things are wild and hectic. Not only that but we had the opportunity to spend some quality time with a couple of the teenage grandkids on a road trip. That was fun. Spending time with the toddlers a lot, too. Living life and loving it but not a lot of time to write about it. I will be making the rounds of the blogs I follow although I may not be able to read back issues and comment on them all.

In the memetime, here are a few thoughts about one of my favorite beverages which I have written about several times before, Coffee:


  1. My favorite beverage. I had my first cuppa at ten. We tried the Kurig route, but went back to a Mr. Coffee knock-off from H.E.B. and a large can of Joe from Costco, now we are happy, or at least, I am. Good that you’re spending time with the grandkids, I don’t see mine enough, but then they are older now.

    • I’m happy you were able to comment! Yeah, sometimes when you read a negative comment, like in this case, I would want to go try it just to see.

  2. I use decaf and I hate it but I have to use it because of my afib problem. I used to make it in a steel helmet when I was out in the field in the Army. My coffee back then could walk.

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