1. Haha some really good ones. The belt one had me laughing pretty good but then I read the one about computers asking humans to prove they aren’t robots and that one got me laughing too! 😁😁

    • The belt one cracked me up because I read about a guy trying to run from the cops with some stolen goods and hold his pants up at the same time. 😂

      • One of the dumbest things I ever heard was when the cop pulled the speeder over to give him a ticket and during the time the cop was talking to the speeder, he found an ounce of marijuana in the car.

        When the policeman mentioned the marijuana to the driver of the car, the idiot driver replied, “Well, if you think that is something, you should see how much of it I have at home!”

  2. I had the coronavirus and I have taken all my shots and boosters and I am still alive and I am 85-years-old and in perfect health…I give God the credit for that.

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