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Here’s the haps:

Don’t forget to spring forward! (in the U.S.)

I’ve read the book Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne a few times and enjoy it every time I read it, even if I know the ending, which is incredible. This story is loosely based on that book but you don’t have to read it to enjoy this, though.

So, this was another cool story involving folks that are a bit older than me. These ladies are “81 and still on the run.” This is the story of Eleanor Hamby and Sandra Hazelip, D.O. Ellie is a documentary photographer who now runs a medical mission in Zambia and Sandy is a semi-retired medical doctor who now works in hospice. Their original idea, inspired by Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in Eighty Days, was to travel “’round the world in 80 at 80.” But Covid. So now they are 81 and are traveling to all 7 continents, 18 countries, and 9 world wonders, all within 80 days. They are best friends from Abilene, Texas, and have also traveled the Trans-Siberian Railroad where they were questioned by the KGB about a murder, the Middle East a few days before a war in Syria broke out, and Southeast Asia.

I ran into this story and was a little aggravated that the youtube from CBS Mornings (this link is to the original article I found which includes the video and maybe it will work from there) was not going to be available in Canada, Australia, or Japan again. (I’m thinking it might be something with that particular program.)

But I soon discovered they have a blog and a Youtube channel.

We have slept in airports more than once and Mrs. Herb and I have traveled by thumb and many other means and really liked this story.

Hank Snow may have been a lot places but I think the ladies in today’s selection might could sing this pretty well, too.


  1. Those women amaze me! To be over half-way through the trip and still be so perky is stunning. I know people younger than 80 who say they are going to be dragged out for a week because of the time change tonight. (I don’t understand that one at all!) I loved the line that the universal language is a smile. It’s wonderful advice. Great post, Herb.

  2. Intrepid travelers! We’ve been to some of the places they have been, but at a more leisurely pace (ie a week in India or Egypt or Turkey, etc)! After a week at any of those places, we really wanted go home and rest up from the trip.

  3. A Cot ‘n’ Coffee sounds very interesting too. And I am sure it is as comfortable as a bed and breakfast. I wonder if the two ladies have travel insurance or something. What if they get sick on the road? And they even went to Russia? The KGB might think they are spies. Oh my goodness. I love their story…

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