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Here’s the haps:

So I just wasn’t feeling all that curmudgeonly today. I have a good life and a lot to be thankful for. Oh, I could find stuff to complain about, but I’m just not feeling it. I had started a category called Curmudgeonly Monday some time ago but there were a couple of posts that were more positive and upbeat than deserved to be called curmudgeonly. The erroneously named Dumbest Blogger suggested I try Mudgeonly Monday, which I liked. I now use whichever one seems to fit at the moment. Since I haven’t done this for quite some time I am including 20 items in a variety that ranges from the somewhat serious to the funny but not in any particular order. I did comment on a couple this time, however.

I can remember a time when anyone you met downtown was “dressed up.” The stores were open until 5, Monday – Thursday, and stayed open until 9 on Friday. This gave working people, farmers, factory workers, et. al. the opportunity to, “go downtown and do the shopping.” Anytime someone went out of their house they dressed nice, though. The stores closed “early” on Saturdays, early being 4 O’Clock, and then nothing was open at all on Sunday. My mom used to say they “Rolled up the sidewalks at 5 O’Clock.”

I still love balsa gliders as well as the kind with the windup propellers. Nice thing about having grandkids is I have an excuse to still play with them. I probably would anyway, though.

I got an earworm just reading this meme!


  1. Hmm, really funny. I just read an article about homeschooling and it is said there are more minority families do homeschooling for their kids.

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