1. And we are supposed to forget and forgive this treachery? I am so glad that Truman took the decisive action that he took and I regret nothing that the United States did to protect themselves in that era and I do not trust the perps today anymore than my parents did back then. Call me what you want to but that is how I feel.

  2. What a time in history. Our history lesson with the children about the events leading up to and after Pearl Harbor. We were discussing the sweeping Japanese internments across the country. I was surprised there was an internment camp in Colorado. We had the right president at the right time.

  3. It’s definitely worth remembering. Still kind of astonishing that we didn’t think the European front was worth fighting until this happened, though. And a great many people who will still argue to keep out of wars will also tell you just how awful it was what the Nazis were doing. They are hypocrites. And liars. You can’t have it both ways. I wish we had moral imperative and not just opportunism and virtue signaling running things. But that would be the best of all possible worlds, which is not this one.

  4. I had a teacher in school who was crew on one of those ships and who was lucky enough to be ashore at the time of the attack. His telling of the experience took a historic event and made it relevant to young me.

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