I Hope This Post Memes Something To You

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22799 – 990

Here’s the haps:

Out of a folder of over 200 items I chose these memes for your humor and entertainment. Please enjoy.


  1. Haha 😄 lots of great ones Herb! I think my favorite would have to be “I’m so old I remember playing solitaire with a deck of cards” 🤣 But the pre-internet chat room is pretty good too. 😁

  2. Like that pre-internet chat room. Haha. That’s very funny. However I didn’t get the joke with a limo. Thank you. I’ve never paid attention to meme before, but now you have piqued my interest.

    • The limo one is kind of hard to see but it is on a tow truck that is way too small for it and if you have a ninety pound dog who wants to sit in your lap…

  3. I liked the first one. It’s true, the earth is like a great big neighborhood that has gone to pot where the check cashing places and dollar stores predominate.

  4. So many of these had me actually laughing! The dog ones are my favourite, including the King Kong one, and the jumping off the bridge one. You made my day, Herb.

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