1. Haha, that’s so true. Best breakup letter. I just read a book about Ben Franklin and his son. It is very interesting and it talks about this breakup.

  2. The Declaration really is something when you think about it! I know it’s been a tragic 4th for many people, and I hope the US has a better year than they have had for a while now. It is a great nation.

  3. Reading a missed blog has now been enlightening so had to reply.
    Should we as a country declare independence of our current administration? I read the whole Declaration of Independence and I feel we are living it again. Not going to put all in here but what most hits me. To start people in jail/prison not being charged, depriving Trial by Jury. Then the judges in not punishing by law but giving light sentences or none, all just for show. New offices to harass the people, too many examples here. Waging war against us, examples COVID vaccine, gas restrictions and prices, CRT, hate us owning guns, etc. Last I will put in citing insurrection, makes me think about how they said it was ok to protest at the SCOTUS homes, letting BLM terrorize cities and neighbors, pushing white supremacy when hardly any are supremists. Hope this wasn’t too deep.

  4. I had never thoughtoftheD of I as a breakup letter, but it works. “It’s not me, it’s you. All you.” Too bad the King’s name was George and not John.

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