A Status Update On Sickness Here At The Thiel Haus

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22625 – 933

Here’s the haps:

We’ve been making recovery here at Bear Paw Lodge, the new name for Thiel Haus. Mrs. Herb and I saw it somewhere and we just decided that it was a good name for our place. Ben has Willow Manor, we have Bear Paw Lodge but we are still all together the Thiel Tribe.

Since TNT is immunocompromised by the MS and her treatment (which has been going pretty well. I just went to the website for her treatment to find the link and laughed because of Mr. Ohh’s recent post making mention of drug advertising) she has been given the monoclonal antibody treatment which has had the effect of getting her immune system fighting the bug even though it seems to exacerbate her symptoms in the short term. Mrs. Herb developed pneumonia and it’s suspected she had it first. Her recovery is going well, also. I was sick enough to not get on the computer much but overall I have not suffered too much, really, especially compared to others.

I did have to miss work some because of quarantine and work rules but I’m expecting to go back Monday. I have no symptoms anymore and am feeling pretty good, overall. Mrs. Herb’s antibiotics appear to be helping as well. TNT’s symptoms are slowly clearing up but not completely just yet but she is doing better.


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