Windows 11 Has Annoyed Me Just Now

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I’m enjoying the opportunity to use Mrs. Herb’s new computer but I’m not particularly enthralled with Windows 11. One thing I tried to do just now was to switch my default browser to Chrome. I don’t really dislike Edge but Chrome has all my stuff stored in it and syncs across devices. Edge can be set to do that but it’s a tedious, inconvenient process to copy everything over. Anyway, in Windows 11 you have to go into the settings and switch each file type individually. If you want Chrome to open web pages by default you have to go into settings, search for change default, then select each individual type of file you want to open with Chrome. .htm, .HTML, .mht, HTTP, HTTPS, and others I don’t recall off the top of my head. It used to be that you simply switch your default browser from one to the other and back, but not anymore. It’s a nuisance but I think if that’s the biggest problem I have in life I’m probably doing pretty good. It’s just annoying that you have gotten so big for your britches, Microsoft that you think you can do what you want with impunity.


  1. What annoys me is that I can no longer cast photos to my TV and Microsoft does not appear to be rushing to fix. I refer to anything that does not work well as a Microsoft release. Release the product to your users and let them debug it. You would think they would have this all standardized by now, before release. Cheers Herb. Allan

    • Thanks, Allan. You’re right. They mess something up that a lot of people like and then if enough people complain and get on their support forums they slowly work on making it the way it was.

  2. It sounds like you’re doing all right in terms of COVID. I hope the rest of your family is as well. About the computer bit — I would have been bursting into tears over the whole thing.

  3. Yea, I love the updates that bring 70% of garbage no one thought they needed, 1% of something maybe useful but who knows, and 29% of things that just make your life more miserable for the hell of it.

  4. I’m old enough to remember when Microsoft kneecapped the then-leading web browser, Netscape Navigator, by bundling its own browser (Internet Explorer) with new software packages. I guess that advantage didn’t last because they are playing games again.

    • As I recall, they were found guilty of breach of some-legislation-or-other intended to balance out monopolistic misbehaviour over that affair… and micro$haft got an enormous fine for the breach, which, as far as I’m aware, they never paid. Isn’t it great when you have so much munny that you can pay lawyers forever to launch appeal after appeal and argue the toss until the other side gives up?

  5. in Windows 11 you have to go into the settings and switch each file type individually

    I only use Windows 10 occaisonally myself, but I seem to recall that it has a facility that allows you to set the default application for multiple filetypes in one fell swoop. Are you saying that they’ve broken that in ’11’? (Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they had.)

  6. It strikes me that everything Microsoft does these days is geared to the phone and geared not to the PC. Too many of the MS developers seem glued to their cell phones and think that’s all there is to do the testing on.

  7. I’m currently annoyed that the computer I bought is optimized for online use. And if something saves to the cloud it doesn’t populate automatically changes made in the original document when online. What’s even the point??? We’re definitely in the era of technology getting dumber instead of smarter…

    • I think you’re right. They are dumbing it down. And a lot of these services that have been free are going to have to be paid for eventually.

  8. Wow, that is really tedious. I don’t even know the name of file types that much. I am thinking of getting a new computer soon and I guess I will have to encounter the same thing. Actually I also think of using chrome as my default since it has double subtitle for videos that one can turn on just for language learning. I haven’t tried that yet since I am still on firefox…

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