A Sort Of New Year’s Resolution/Goal/Whatever I Can Call It That Will Appease Your Particular Sensibilities Thingy

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Here’s the haps:

I carry these little left-handed notebooks made by a company called Field Notes with me everywhere I go. They are very rugged and long-lasting, made from quality materials. I used to keep a handful of 3 X 5 cards in my pocket but I like the idea of the little notebooks because they don’t get lost as easily. They are quite rugged and survive being carried in my back pocket as well as my shirt pocket. My work uniform doesn’t have a shirt pocket which really annoys me because I carry everything there. My phone, my notebook and a pen all have to find other homes on my person while I’m working. Of course, if that’s the biggest problem I ever have to face in life, I’m probably doing pretty well.

The idea with these, as with the 3 X 5 cards before them, is that when I get an idea or inspiration, oh, say, for a blog post, maybe, I will immediately write it down so I will have something to post about. Yuppers. That’s the idea. Sho ’nuff is.

Except I don’t do it and then I wind up with nights like tonight where I really want to post something and I can’t think of anything to say. So, my New Year’s Resolution or Goal or Plan or whatever you like to call it is going to be to start writing down all these brilliant thoughts that come into my head while I’m standing on a ladder in the middle of the workday so I will have something to write about in my blog.


  1. I used to carry a recorder to do the same thing I never recorded anything I even broke and replaced that recorder swearing i’d do better but still nothing. So I wish you good luck and if you want I can give you a very good deal on a old but very slightly used cassette recorder
    Joyous Laughter

  2. I find scraps of paper in all areas about my person. I scribble down a million ideas a day, lose 999,999 of them and then find that I can’t understand the one that is left. Oh well. I should get books, but sadly I am not left handed…

  3. That is an amazing idea. Just don’t fall off the ladder. Although that would make a story as well.

  4. That’s a good resolution. I was told once that a good man always carries a pencil in his shirt pocket, and I’ve generally found it to be true. Therefore, if you have no shirt pockets you have no good men, and it’s all the fault of the blimey fools who designed shirts without pockets. For shame!

  5. I’m another one who’s lost without a shirt pocket and a pen. I always had a few business cards there and jotted notes on the backs. It helps to be able to write small. But those at my current office are fancy and are a dark color on both sides.

    There is a phone app called Color Notes that I now use. It is chunkier. I hope you have your new notebooks by now.

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