I’m Gonna Ride Around In Style (But Not Like Johnny Cash)

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Here’s the haps:

When I took my 15-minute break today I found the breakroom occupied by my store manager, a store manager from Pueblo, and the District Manager. I texted out to our family’s tribal text and to a couple other friends:

When you take a break in a break room full of managers it feels like being a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.


To which I received a reply, “Watch your tail,” and some laughs. Then my phone’s keyboard found this gif that just cracked me up. Anyway, I think it’s the look on this poor cat’s face that really expresses it well:

But really, I enjoy my job and I like my bosses and coworkers. My family likes that I don’t come home a complete crab and so physically exhausted and in anywhere near as much pain. I feel very content, even happy, actually, where I am and what I’m doing. This, in and of itself, is truly a blessing and I recognize it as such.

Speaking of blessings, I didn’t tell you guys about what happened to me on black Friday. This was really a blessing, too. You see, for several years now, instead of a computer chair for my desk I used this old kitchen chair:

The chair groans and creaks under my 19 stone frame and has come unglued in places and pounded back together and in general, just is not safe or comfortable. Well, on Black Friday our store had this chair, called the Fennington:

Which normally retails for $270.00 on sale for $99.00 plus a free extended warranty. On top of all that I get an employee discount and so the final cost with sales tax, turned out to be a little over $85.00.

So, I have been rolling around all over and spinning quickly to pay attention in comfort to someone speaking to me from a different angle and tilting back (I have the tilt set kind of stiff because I don’t really like leaning back too much) when I want to. All sorts of things that, if you already have an office chair you probably take for granted but if you have a rickety old wooden kitchen chair you are probably envying, that I couldn’t before.

I think that we should be thankful for all kinds of things we might take for granted on a regular basis. I don’t have any news really to share about my daughter-in-law (Which I would let Ben tell for the most part anyway) but I will say that no news is good news.

Oh. What? The Johnny Cash reference? Sure, it comes from a song he did about an autoworker who decides to take a Cadillac home. One piece at a time. Over several years. In the song he says he’s, “gonna ride around in style/gonna drive everybody wild/cause I’ll have the only one there is around…”

In case you’re interested:


  1. My dad listened obsessively to a greatest hits Cash compilation that included it. I just read a snobbish article trying to figure him out. I wasn’t aware it was that difficult.

  2. Your new chair is my new “Comfy”, the wearable blanket! I bought one at Costco and it is WONDERFUL. I’m in it right now and loving every second of it. I’m glad to hear you got the chair. I’ve been thinking of your daughter-in-law and you indicate that things are moving in the right direction. I’ll keep the prayers coming.

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