NaBloPoMo Day 19 – Oops! I Forgot That Was On The Calendar

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Here’s the haps:

Last night when I posted I forgot that tonight I was scheduled for a sleep study tonight. For many years my poor wife has tolerated my snoring like a polar bear or my completely stopping breathing for a long time. My doc at the VA has been making things happen and this is one of them. I had a previous sleep study quite some time ago but the results never got into the right hands. I will be being fitted for a CPAP machine tonight.

There have been a couple of big, personal hurdles for me today. Fridays are a big day at work, business-wise and freight-wise. On top of that, I was not allowed to consume any caffeine at all. I could not have my hot, black coffee that’s so thick I could float a mule shoe in it. Oh, woe is me! Alas and alack the day! I have been crabby and my head hurts a bit. Oh, well. It’s just one day and if this is the biggest problem I ever have to face in life, I will probably be okay. Our Bishop’s wife once said, “You have already lived through the worst day of your life, several of them.”


  1. We just had our newborn circumcized. If you underwent the same treatment as a baby then yes, you’ve already had the worst day of your life. 🙂

    And I never drink coffee. Stop whining.

  2. I’ve been missing coffee for weeks. Still have a couple months to go. I’m used to the stimulant helping inflammation. I miss it.

  3. Oooooh, right there with you on the coffee!

    I sometimes feel like the only person in the US over 50 who does not have a CPAP machine. My Mrs has one and it actually makes for some pleasant white noise and helps me fall asleep. I hope it’s working out for you.

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