NaBloPoMo – Day 8 – Introducing Independence Pass On The Continental Divide

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Here’s the haps:

In July of 2019 my son and his wife went hiking for their wedding anniversary in a treacherous area of the mountains called the Maroon Bells. The town of Aspen and the ski resort of the same name attracts a lot of the Hollyweird leftist liberal types who want to ski and smoke marijuana. It’s impossibly expensive there but it is where the Maroon Bells welcome area is. They did the hike before Ben started his blog. If the idea of snow and ice making something treacherous and difficult, even impassible in the middle of July (which is summer here in the Northern Hemisphere) strikes you as odd then you maybe haven’t been to the mountains. They made it pretty far but needed extremely specialized equipment to go where they wanted because the ice was too treacherous. I can’t really tell the story about the hike but the drive up there and back was really neat and is my story to tell. The part of the trip that was our responsibility was to transport them there and after a few days go a get them so they wouldn’t have to pay some ridiculous parking fee and possibly still have their car broken into for nothing. This was a drive we’ve never taken so my wife and I went and enjoyed ourselves.

I had planned to write this post some time ago but it is very heavy with pictures I took but they are fairly large files and I have to “dumb them down” before they will be reasonable to use and even then I have to select which ones to keep. I had originally thought to make one big post but it just didn’t work out. So there will be three or four more posts following this one. You can cheat and peek ahead by asking Google Maps (or whatever map program you use) to show you Highway 82/Independence Pass in Colorado, USA.

The area they were going to was toward the top of the right-hand mountain of the twin peaks in the picture below and then around the mountain.


  1. The photo is beautiful and I look forward to the tale. But if I had ever suggested to my Mre that we spend our anniversary hiking in icy mountains I would still be nursing the resulting wounds. 🙂

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