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Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. But it’s a word now. I mean, after all, it’s on the Internet now so it has to be real. I was over at Mr. Ohh!’s Sideways View and read his thoughts on, among other things, supermarket tabloids and celebrities. In his comments section, I told about how I used to read the headlines out loud for my kids and say, “See! It’s right there in black and white so it must be true.”

I think I’m back although you never know what’s going to happen. Giving up on posting daily, no matter what, was, in some ways a big mistake. On the other hand, I got sick of saying, “Well, it’s 11:59 so this sentence is all you get today. Thanks for reading! Buh-bye.” That was wrong too. But I have been busier than a farmer with one hoe and two rattlesnakes.

So, as I have been working on adapting the Bible story of Esther to my blog posts I have come upon a kind of problem. I really think I’m doing a good job on it. I really like what I have done to it so far and the thought came to me that maybe I should work it out from start to finish, polish it up and instead of posting it here, self-publish it. Or, post it here in installments AND self-publish it. But instead of posting each chapter or section daily, post one episode a month, and the reader could decide if they wanted more, and more quickly, they could buy the book in either e-format or print-on-demand. This is mostly uncharted waters for me.

Except for my reading experiences. I have read self-published books that were astounding at the quality of the writing. I have also read self-published books that were astounding at the opposite end of the spectrum. Some people need an editor. Well, actually, some people need to go back to Sixth grade and learn how to write and spell. Since I am well aware of the high quality and high education of the readers of this blog I expect that I would fall somewhere in the middle of the two ends. Among my readers are formally educated and self-educated individuals and (this is, of course, excluding the fake followers that you get on WordPress) every one is important to me. At any rate, I am not trying to sound disdainful of anyone’s abilities other than to say I have a hard time reading some things.

Sometimes I feel like Snoopy with his writing. I remember one strip where Lucy is telling him, “I think your stories are stupid. If they’re ever printed in a book, I refuse to spend money on it … However, if you get some free author’s copies, I’ll be glad to take one!” Upon which he bonks her in the head with his typewriter.

Anyway, writing can be a lot of hard work sometimes but other times it’s not hard at all. For instance today on our tribal text it was announced that (According to National Day Calendar company) it is, among other things, National Cousins Day, National Drive-Thru Day, and National Day of the Cowboy. To which I responded, “A cowboy and his cousin rode their horses through the drive-thru but then ordered something from the low-calorie menu. It was a saddle-light dish.”


  1. Suggest you read some Jewish scholars on Esther to broaden your viewpoint and subsequent conclusions. Often Christian commentary misses the mark on Old Testament stuff. Different mindset.

  2. You are part of the problem. By posting such great pieces, you make others look bad by comparison. If you could dumb it down a little, it would be helpful. Loved your last paragraph.

  3. Yes, self publishing is great. And then you can marketing it. Wow, it sounds like fun. I hope Esther has a lot of interesting stories to tell. And probably a contemporary Esther living among modern people.

  4. Self-published books are the wave of the future. With legacy publishers cutting back on their staff and the number of new books they publish, it is becoming incumbent upon the new writer to explore whatever avenues he can and not limit himself. That said, there’s an awful lot of white noise out there, blocking out the arrival of new people. You’ve gotta cut through the flak any way you can, and make yourself known, and that’s hard.

    — Catxman

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