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Every year (except last year) since 1998 or 1999, our church has hosted a nationwide youth conference called Heritage. Young people and their chaperones, pastors, and youth pastors will be here in Colorado Springs. Attendance is expected to be over 2,000 this year. Getting 2,000 Pentecostal young people together for 3 days of intense preaching. This sort of undertaking requires a lot of background work. My son, Ben, over at Brother’s Campfire wrote about it in a post called Doorkeeper, an Honor and Privilege. I have written about it in a couple of posts in the past as well: Strange But True on 7/19/05 and Healing Miracle on 7/31/16. Last time, in 2019, we started having a Children’s Church during the services and I will be working in that. I didn’t want to let time get the better of my blog again as it was wont, in the past, to do so I got permission from my daughter to post some pictures of the new grandbaby. I’m still working on the big writing project I gave you a sneak peek at, but I want it to be good and so I am taking my time.

Violet Stephanie Berlyn is a little over a week old now. She did have to go home on oxygen but that’s normal for a preemie.

First Born
Mom wrote:
Schedule as follows:
Eat, pull off oxygen, sleep, pull off oxygen, poop, pull off oxygen, pee, pull off oxygen…oh did i mention pull off oxygen?
Happy Big Brother (This is the guy who calls me Bumpaw.)
Proud Big Sister
Bubbie is a good helper
Oldest Brother, Doug, A very good example of a big brother.
One Week – Sleeping like a…well, you know.

Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.

(Pro 17:6 KJV)


  1. Wow, love your new born baby girl and the little big brother. What a happy family. Wish you a great family gathering and church gathering too. And a wonderful summer. 😊😜😍

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