Oopsy-Daisy or Don’t Let Herb Carry The Nuclear Football!

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22426 – 847:

Here’s the haps:

I accidentally hit the “Publish” button instead of the “Save Draft” button. This means a large number of you got to see the upcoming project I’m working on, A re-telling of the biblical story of Esther. Unfortunately, it was part 2 and it was not ready to go for a couple of reasons, one of them being that I wasn’t ready to publish any part and haven’t published part one yet.

I switched it back to “draft” mode but it showed up in the WP Reader and in the e-mail already. I’m sorry if I have confused you by this. If I haven’t then you probably know me well enough to go, “That Herb. Good thing they don’t have him carrying the ‘Nuclear Football’ or he’d set down his lunch and start WW III.”

Sometimes I shock myself with the smart stuff I say and do. Then there are times I try to get out of the car with my seatbelt on.

Except it should say, “Oh, Herbie…”


  1. Good news, maybe. I cannot see it in my WP Reader. Hopefully that is the case for everyone. Thanks for the heads’s up!

  2. I accidentally published a post that really said nothing much – I was just testing something. A day later when I realized it had been published, I was surprised to find how many people had left comments…

  3. I had a similar experience with one of my ex-wives, before she became one of my ex-wives (seems I am always in the market for the ‘future ex-mrs-marcom’ And the astute reader will recognize that I just stole that line from ‘Jurassic Park’ –Jeff Goldblum’s character)

    Anyway, I was saying…

    Oh yeah, my first ex. We were in Tel Aviv (I used to work in the Sinai for the U.S. State Department. You may have read some of ‘those’ posts: Sinai Field Mission.—SFM—Search for them on my blog if you’d like to ‘read more about it.’

    Or not.

    Damnit! I am gonna finish writing this ‘comment’ ‘even if it harelips the Pope’.

    We were sitting at a sidewalk café on Dizengoff Street and I casually remarked,

    “You know Janet, maybe we should get married some day.”
    She took that to heart. (Or maybe she ‘heard’ me say “Sunday”)


    I wasn’t meaning ‘right now!’

    Next day we were married.

    (I had a problem back then with the whole concept of ‘Just say no’ when it came to women, and Nancy was still somewhere far off on the event-horizon at the time: ’79…and could not help.)

  4. Well i was sad to see it went to a 404 error, but i will anxiously await it’s arrival (since i couldn’t remember reading part 1 and thought it was kinda odd to see 2). My favorite story I’m excited to read it.

  5. Been there, done that, dragged my post back to draft. Then come the questions, I saw your post but now can’t find it, I was in the middle of commenting and the post disappeared. Every day is an adventure as a senior. Stay well Herb. Allan

  6. Wow, love the duck picture. Did you shoot that picture or your son did that? Yes, I did that once or twice with the publishing button. Once or twice, i tried the private option, but only to realize later that the private posts can show up on the notification pile of others. LOL. WP has a way of making fun.

    • No, that’s just a meme I found on cleanmemes.com that I thought fit what I did pretty well. I never have tried the private post so that’s good information to have, thanks.

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