Art Vegan And The Campanologists Part 2 – Throw It Back Thursday On Friday

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22386 – 837:

Here’s the haps:

(You can read part 1 here if you haven’t yet.)

The man continued his story for Art. “The very next day another, very familiar-looking man came up. ‘I’ve come to take my brother’s place.'” “I really didn’t know what to say. ‘It would bring honor back to our family.’ I don’t really know what he meant by that but he demonstrated his ability so I gave him the job. In fact, that’s him at work right now.”

“You mean the whole running at top speed and banging his face into the bell thing‽” Art was incredulous. Hadn’t the man learned anything?

He looked at his watch and counted as the tintinnabulation began. He always found it funny, when he was researching a new job, how much knowledge he gained. A lot of times it was pretty useless, except in trivia contests, but he liked knowing things. Edgar Allan Poe coined the word “tintinnabulation” but it was based on an older word, “tintinnalogia.”

Suddenly the ringing stopped, two strokes short. “Come on!” They ran toward the bell tower but it was too late. There was no help for the man.

As they rolled him over Art asked, “So, what was his name?”

“I don’t know his name, but he’s a dead ringer for his brother.”

Art later found out that they were the notorious La Cloche brothers and their real purpose was to steal the antique bell. So he collected his fees and expenses and went on his way.


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