I Took The First Shot And Now I Love Windows 10

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Here’s the haps:

Dr. Fauci not being my primary care physician I decided to talk to my own doctor about the ominous shot. She said that since I already had gotten Covid a few months ago I could probably wait for a while if I wanted to. Which is what I did. I am extremely annoyed at the whole two-shot idea and wanted to get the single-shot and planned to wait. Then after the CDC made their statement that if a person is fully vaccinated they don’t need to wear the mask, the governor of our state said the same thing. Our store management (with blessings from on high in Bentonville, I’m sure) said that members could enter the store without a mask. Since we (obviously?) can’t ask anyone to show us proof of vaccination we just accept them coming in and out of the store, sans mask.

“Well, Boss Lady, what about us frontline workers?”
“Any employee who has been fully vaccinated for at least fourteen days can go without a mask. Just bring me proof of your vaccination. We will also add seventy-five dollars onto the next paycheck after that proof is received.”

So, I made my appointment for the first shot. I was aggravated at the fact that now if I wanted to get the single-shot shot I would have to drive to Denver or Pueblo. Oh, well. I took the shot in the arm and while I did have some fatigue and my arm is sore and I have to wait three weeks to get the second one, I have survived. The joke in my title simply refers to Bill Gates investing money in finding a vaccine. I accept Windows 10 but I can’t say I love it. Maybe after I get the second shot…


  1. I was thinking of getting a mask design of a photograph of the lower half of my face. That way it would look like I was not wearing a mask but I would have all the discomfort of wearing one.

  2. My colleagues and I got vaccinated as a priority group because I work at the University, but we got stuck with AstraZeneca where the second shot is after 12 weeks. So although one shot of AZ counts as vaccinated after 3 weeks in Slovenia, it doesn’t hold up for other countries. Essentially all my friends who got other shots in the regular line will be fully vaccinated before we end up getting the second shot, which is another example of the epic Slovenian organization.

  3. I can’t believe what a psychological boost it has been to see smiling faces again in stores, especially from the unmasked people working there who just seem to have an extra spring in their steps. Stay the course. My family is now 3/4 of the way fully vaccinated. My oldest gets his second dose this week and my youngest will get his second in about three weeks. Then two more weeks after that we’ll all be good to go. It sounds like a long time when it’s all stacked up like that, but I’m just grateful the day is in sight. Makes me smile. At strangers. In public. And they smile back. 😊

  4. Honestly after surviving Covid back in February – April of 2020, I never quite felt 100%. After getting shot #2 of phizer I feel like me again, like it helped rid any lingering ounce of the virus from my system. If the vaccine becomes a yearly thing. I am on board.

    • Thanks for that input. A lot of people have told me that the second shot made them feel great. I’m sure it will be an annual thing.

  5. Congrats on your shot. We got our first one March 29, but have to wait a bit for the second. I never had any doubt about getting the shot, even with all the conspiracy theories. My thought was that I would rather be a guinea pig than a victim. We have alreay lost one relative to Covid, a 55 year old friend got it with serious consequences (life time diabetic now) and our neighbours next door all had it. We get the ful shot yearly without any issues, so Covid annually, why not? There are plenty of bugs yet to come and we must do what makes us comfortable to carry on. Unfortuanately, my sister is a non believer and my plder brother, while a believer says he is not going to get the shot. Hard to understand, but their choice. Stay well Herb. Allan

  6. I really think you should consider switching to Fauci, why have a primary care physician who understands your personal situation and medical condition when you could follow generalized edicts from a TV doctor with questionable motives who is totally unaware of your medical history?

    • Well, he and the general media made sure that any dissenting voices about any portion of the argument were effectively silenced. I’m not arguing with 75 bucks, though and my thinking is that any holdouts will be required to do it anyway. All throughout this thing I have been thinking, “Andromeda Strain.”

      • I’d actually never heard of that before, but some quick googling leads me to believe that you’re into something. Another fun thing to google is “Fauci AIDS AZT.”

        Hell, for 75 bucks you could darn well punch me in the face.

  7. Well, our genius, ex-drama teacher, Trudeau has done such a bang-up job of securing vaccines for the country that I have to wait 4 months between Pfizer shots. Every time I see his face, I want to light his beard on fire!

  8. I got both my shots and all I got was a free donut. For 75 bucks who knows what I’d do BTW Windows 10 doesn’t get any better with two doses unless they’re doses of whiskey
    Laugh Now! You can be crabby anytime

  9. I got the 2 Moderna shots but now they’re saying even thoughed vaxed we’ll all need a booster in 10 or 12 months. I think this is going to go one forever – shots – the new normal.

  10. I never had a problem with getting the shot, after suffering through Covid and still fighting it’s lingering effects it was an easy choice. And if it’s an annual thing, no big deal, I get the flu shot annually too. As someone else mentioned, here in Canada we have to wait 4 months to get the second shot, the only country in the world that waits that long. Will it still work after such a long wait? No one really knows. Sigh.🙄🙀

    • No one really knows anything at this point. I get the flu shot every year, too. Some years I get the flu, some years I don’t. We’ll have to wait and see.

  11. Congratulations on your vaccine shot. And the $75 raise. Now life is slowing going back to normal, although I have to say a lot of small businesses here are not going to come back. Is it true that the shot is going to be every one or two years? It will be like the flu shot… Wow. It won’t be a problem here, but I wonder how those poor countries handle this financial burden.

    • That’s a good question. It does sound like it’s going to be like the annual flu shot from what little I know of it.

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