Blogging A – Z Challenge 2021: K Is For Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs = Yummy To Da Tummy!

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22348 – 813:

Here’s the haps:

Many of you who are regular readers of this blog are familiar with my son’s blog, Brother’s Campfire, in fact, some of you came to me because you read him. He writes fiction stories in installments. His current one is Steampunk and his previous one was more of a Dark Ages/Medieval Fantasy. Besides telling his stories, regular readers of his blog also know that he is an urban farmer. Last year he purchased some ducks of a breed called “Khaki Campbell.” He picked them because apparently, they have a reputation for being good layers. Now that they’ve matured it appears that this is true.

On Friday our tribal text buzzed with the message, “Anyone need duck eggs?” He had over 5 dozen above what he needed for his family. We volunteered to help unburden him and took some off his hands.

It was very generous of him and we really appreciated them a lot. Especially when they turned into this:

They didn’t taste a lot different from chicken eggs although Ben did say that, depending on their diet, the flavor can change some. The eggs’ size would be comparable to an extra-large or Jumbo store-bought chicken egg. I had this hardy meal for dinner tonight. As I teach the kids to say, (rub your belly) “Yummy To Da Tummy!”

Thanks Ben!

It’s in the air


  1. Wow, love duck eggs. My grandma used to do homemade salty duck eggs every year. Time flies and that’s long time ago. Nowadays, it can be considered too salty. Back in the old days, salt is not a problem. I know several suburban farmers who grow vegetables in their backyards. LOL.

    • Oh, he does that as well. In fact on our group text he said the ducks had eaten all of his onions and they weren’t even supposed to like them. He has a lot going on in that backyard of his.

  2. I’ve never eaten eggs (or meat, for that matter), so I wouldn’t know much about them XD but may I ask, what exactly is that spring doing??
    Also, “Yummy To Da Tummy” is an excellent catchphrase. I’m going to say it every time we go to a restaurant now!!

  3. Looks delicious! I love your son’s stories. He is an excellent story teller. Really enjoying his new series. He and I are gallbladder buddies now too since we both had our gallbladders out just days apart. Praying for his healing. God bless you all!

  4. That looks so delicious, Herb! I’ve never had Duck eggs but I’m willing to try them now that I’ve read your post. Love the “Yummy to da Tummy” remark! Very catchy! 🙂

  5. I used to have a breed called “Magpie Ducks” which are quite rare and were developed by (would you believe) a Mr Drake about 100 years ago. I’m familiar with Khaki Campells – which was a breed our neighbour had when I was a kid.

  6. I have never tried duck eggs, but certainly would if I had the kind of familial source that you have. Tell me, when you go to fry them up, are they easy to quack?

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