I Had A Screw Loose But It’s Gone Completely Now

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Sometimes the littlest things can be the most annoying. The grain of sand in your shoe or your sock slides down into your shoe or you go to the store and get home only to realize that the one thing you needed is the one you forgot. Or how about stubbing your pinky toe? That’s beyond annoying and in a class of its own. You get the idea, though. Well, I’ve recently discovered a new (to me) nuisance. Eyeglasses.

You may or may not recall back in August our car, a 2003 PT Cruiser, got hit by a semi-truck. I’ve written very little about all the problems that it’s caused us because there will likely be a lawsuit and I don’t want to muddy the waters. One of the things that did happen was that we likely received concussions or some other sort of closed head injury. In my case, it was discovered that, because of my injury, I needed glasses. I have worn them for a little under two weeks and survived nicely. It’s nice to be able to see with more clarity than I was aware existed. They have some sort of prism something or other in them to help me walk in a straight line. I was just starting to get used to them and liking them.

I always try to wipe them very carefully with the special cloth they came with and therein lies the tale. As I was wiping them tonight I heard a little noise of something tiny hitting the floor and then the lens popped out! There is apparently a teeny-tiny little screw that holds the frame together and I unwittingly loosened it. Search as I might (without glasses on, of course) I couldn’t find the thing. I asked my wife, who has worn glasses most of her life, if she knew where the little eyeglass repair kit was but it was not to be found. She came and helped me look but to no avail.

So, tomorrow I must be off (“Oh, you must be.” I heard that!) to go get them fixed and on the way back I will pick up a couple of those kits with the little screwdriver and screws in them.


  1. As someone who wears eyeglasses too, I can strongly relate to whatever you’ve just written. Eyeglass wearers, listen up!! We revolt at dawn and-
    Joking. I’m glad you guys made it out of the accident (majorly) safe…
    stay sticky,

  2. I’ve worn specs since I was seven. I’m very aware of those teeny-weeny screws. But in all that time, I’ve never had one drop out after just two weeks! If such a thing were to happen, my first thought would be to demand that the vendor fix it, it’s clearly a flawed design. Here in the UK we call it ‘not fit for purpose’.

    Speaking of which: thank you for fixing your background! I can read the text on your blog again, yippee!

  3. I had a pair of glasses, years ago, for which the screw kept coming loose. Even with a repair kit it was a nightmare to keep having to tighten it.

    That said, two weeks is way too soon to start having a problem like this. Are yours still under warranty?

  4. I have been in glasses since 5 I have broken frames, screws lenses and hearts. (I Look great in specs) I am now into Trifocals and am not even a senior yet. Trust me they suck. On the other hand Isn’t it great to see. So in essence don’t be embarrassed to go get them fixed from time to time. Also if you hear laughing behind your back, well…

    Laughter is contagious. Start a pandemic!

  5. Thanks for fixing the background.
    Sorry to hear about your PT Cruiser. I drive a 2003 too and would be very sad if it got smushed. Of course, you all getting smushed is far worse…

  6. It is the little things that can throw you right over the edge. What can antagonize me instantly is unknowingly getting a sweater or shirt caught in a drawer and then getting pulled back as I try to walk away. I’m sorry about your accident, and sorry you have the lawsuit to deal with, but I hope you get a huge settlement.

  7. You obviously got a faulty pair of glasses, they should give you new frames. Mine started doing that too, but after the warranty period. One screw just would not stay in for more than a few days and it’s not easy to find when you can’t see good enough to look for something that small! I finally glued it in place, maybe not the best thing to do, but it worked, no problems for 4 months now. I need to get new glasses soon anyway, so new frames will be bought as well. Hope you get them fixed properly.

  8. The screw in my glasses never fell out, but I did have a screw loose and the lens would drop out at the most inopportune times. As you say, looking for a part of your glasses is easier with glasses on. Stay well. Allan

  9. Oh, glasses are a pain! I’m so glad I’m not one of those people who can’t wear contacts! And your stubbing your pinky toe remark made my pinky toes hurt! Been there, done it, and cursed a blue streak! LOL

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