The Slave-Free Business Certification Act (H.R. 7824)

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This is another update on this important issue. I got an email from Dumbestblogger today that let me know that Representative Ken Buck of Colorado has introduced The Slave-Free Business Certification Act into the House of Representatives. The text of his bill can be read here but the short idea is that businesses that have worldwide gross receipts over $500,000,000 (Yes, this only affects businesses that make over five hundred million dollars a year) will be held accountable for where their labor comes from. This is an issue that should be of concern to either and any party, except I suppose, the Communists. Just one example of where this would be a good and righteous thing to do is how the Communist Chinese treat their minorities. There is a minority in China called Uighur Muslims who are being particularly persecuted at this time. A couple of lengthy but in-depth articles are China cuts Uighur births with IUDs, abortion, sterilization by the AP and ASPI:Uyghurs for sale by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. This last article names 82 mainstream companies who use these factories. If you think they will treat Christians or Jews or anyone else any better then you maybe don’t know as much about Communism as you think you do.

What I did about this is sent an e-mail to my congressman, Doug Lamborn as follows:

H.R.7824 – Slave-Free Business Certification Act of 2020
Dear Congressman Lamborn,
This bill was introduced by your colleague, Ken Buck and I am very interested in its success. I posted on my blog about this issue twice so far, regarding an almost identical Senate bill, The Slave-Free Business Certification Act (S. 4241). I contacted both senators about my support for this bill and received fairly generic boilerplate responses but hope that they are taking an active interest. One of the readers of my blog shared with me that this was introduced in the house (I’m very proud to say it was someone from Colorado who did it) And I am asking you to support it as well. The posts I have written so far are and The Slave-Free Business Certification Act (S. 4241) – One response So Far

It is currently in the House Education and Labor Committee. It is in the same committee in the Senate. What I would like for every one of my readers who is an American Citizen to contact your senators and representatives about these bills. You can also look up who is on these committees and contact them. This should be a no-brainer, bi-partisan issue that our country could show world leadership in.

Knowing that I have readers from all over the globe I cannot advise you how to approach your respective governments.

We may not be able to stop Covid-19 but we can begin to restrain this vile practice.


  1. Red China isn’t even all that much communist. They’re basically a tyrannical, oppressive regime. They will partner with anybody as long as there is great wealth to be had.

  2. You’ve really followed up on this. I contacted the individual who is running against my congressman, and inquired as to his opinion on the subject. I’d like to hear a straight answer from someone, it would go a long way towards earning them my vote.

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