They’re Almost Back!

One of my favorite candies, which I thought was gone forever when the company went bankrupt, has been purchased by the Spangler Candy Company, the folks that make Dum-Dums, Smarties, and Circus Peanuts, among many other wonderful things. What? Well, I like circus peanuts but the trick is to squeeze them in the bag and make sure they’re fresh otherwise you will have banana flavored rocks.

But, Necco Wafers! I love them and they’re back. Someone said, “You mean those things that taste like chalk?” Yes, those are exactly the ones I mean. Except they don’t taste like chalk to me. Well, I don’t think they do. I’ve never eaten chalk, so I don’t know. Anyway, it’s yippee-skippy for me!



  1. I receive a catalog that seems to always carry the candy from bygone eras. The Vermont Country Store as a .com (but I didn’t want to post the link here. I like to ask before I post links.) You might find other candies you miss or even some products.

  2. This just brought back memories of my childhood and I used to love those things! I haven’t seen them in any of the stores around my neck of the woods yet but I’m sure they’re coming! Thank you for the heads up!

  3. Sounds great.
    On a side note I had opened your site in a browser and noticed that you had a bar which allowed translation to other languages. I tried it in some other ones which I knew and contrary to what I expected, it worked quite well. That makes me ask, how do you keep your site speed so fast with so many features? Mine is practically empty and takes a long time to load.
    Any ideas sir?
    Sorry if this comment is not related to this post (Which I know it isn’t)

    • No problem. It may help that I am self-hosted and not on, but I don’t know. I have my homepage set to show recent posts and it only shows a limited number on one page. I would have to take some time to break it down. I am happy to hear that the translation bar works well and that the site seems fast. I’m just not sure what I might be doing differently than you.

      • Thanks for the help.
        When I check on some speed checking sites, they say I have additional useless javascript and css. But I don’t know how and if I can remove it.
        My website loads at 4 seconds on a 4g connection on mobiles. But most online sources say that it mustn’t be more than 1s

        • Well, I am guessing only, but the different buttons that allow people to share on facebook, Whatsapp and things like that are probably run by javascript, same with you thumbs up. I don’t have any problem with your site myself. css shouldn’t do much either way. I’m sorry I don’t have any solid answers for you.

          • Thanks for that piece of information. Should I remove the sharing services which are rarely used like Pocket, and Skype(Isn’t that for videocalling?) And linkedin(I think this one is for official work)?
            The thumbs up is something I would prefer to keep.
            I have highly compressed all images, but they had negligible effect.
            Thank you once again for the help

            • Well I don’t want to tell you what to do, but I would remove any that you don’t think are useful, but I would keep the thumbs up. It’s cool and you like it. Don’t get rid of stuff you like, especially not unless you ahve to. To me 4 seconds sounds pretty quick, but I am not on the cutting edge of that kind of knowledge. Is that to load your home page and then people have to navigate to your blog after that? It would be a major change but there is a setting in WP to have your homepage display your most recent posts. You might want to consider it, unless you feel you need a landing page. Compressing the images as much as possible was a good idea.

              • Yeah, I find 4 seconds fast too, but I hear anything more than 2 seconds and people start leaving.
                Yes, it is the time to open the home page.
                Posts on home page is something I considered, but I am still thinking about it.
                I notice that the reblog button seems to slow it down the most, but I think it might be helpful.
                I removed many unnecessary sharing buttons, and removed the gravatar widget, since that hardly made sense. The speed is now 3.5 seconds. Google still calls it slow, but seems good enough.
                Do you have any idea about the “press this” icon? How’s it different from Reblog? I clicked on press this and it just opens a draft with the same heading.
                Thank you for your help

                • I think the difference between the two buttons is that when you click the reblog it leaves a comment stating something like, “I reblogged this on my website, such and such” and press this is when you want In my opinion (And possibly only my opinion) people are coming to read what you have written and the expression of your individual personality. Therefore make it look and act in a way the expresses you and pleases you. Besides, when they use the WP Reader they don’t see all the fancy stuff anyway.

                  • Thanks for the help!
                    I have decreases the sharing buttons to just 4 (Twitter, FB, Whatsapp and Telegram) because the rest are either rarely used or can be used without the icon.
                    Also, ’tis said that less buttons = higher conversion.
                    My site is now pretty fast.
                    Thank you once again.

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