Deadline: June 2022

Well, you learn something new everyday, doncha? Yesterday I found out that if you have a Chromebook it has an end-of-life date. John over at left me a comment about it so I had to look it up. It was so inexpensive at the time (I don’t remember the price other than that. They still are, comparatively speaking, fairly cheap.) that I didn’t feel like a whole lot of research was necessary. His comment intrigued me enough though that I did look it up and I found it on How To Geek, one of the sites I recommend for any tech related questions. Their articles are easy to read and understand. Like this one:

I got more interested because apparently you can install Linux on it. Some years ago I had putzed and dabbled a little with Ubuntu Linux but haven’t really thought much about it since. So, in the long run it may turn out to be a good investment anyway. Besides, I have 2 years left to think about it.


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