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Happy Mother’s Day

Just thought I’d share our family tree with you first:

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning. I do have to say, before I say anything else, our newest son-in-law is a class act all the way around. He took our youngest grandson out shopping early for both his Ma-Ma and for his Grand-Ma-Ma. I wasn’t sure how to spell the pronunciation, but grandson says the word with emphasis on the last syllable. maMA. He had some other special things planned for my daughter, of course, but he wanted to show grandson how you are supposed to do for mom and grandma.

So, when GrandmaMA got up, she was greeted by this (click a picture to see larger):

The little plant in the tiny teacup is from a plant that the youngest daughter got from Grandma Pike. This is the first year without her and she is very sorely missed.

I was feeling melancholy this morning but when I saw what the boys had done for my wife I perked up. I had been thinking about my own mother, who lived with mental illnesses for most of her adult life. The fact that she and eleven siblings were removed from her home and put in foster care and adoption probably can give you a clue where part of it came from. Medication could help with some things but not everything. I got to thinking about my parents’ last couple of visits and how my mom had to have a couple of procedures done while she was here that last time. I chronicled each day they visited in 2006, what would be their last visit. If you want to read them: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7. I just re-read every one of the days as I created a link for each one. In the next little gallery, my parents are in the far right part of the picture. In the middle is Grandma Pike with the giant smile she almost always wore.

On a more whimsical note, years ago Outback Steakhouse used to run this ad every Mother’s Day. I understand that they have a different agency and now they don’t use this but I think it’s a great ad. For today’s lunch we are ordering Chinese from Margaret’s favorite place, which used to be Grandma Pike’s favorite place as well. It’s called China Cottage in Fountain, CO and their lunch portions are awesome. Remember:






10 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Ashley Avatar


  2. Lydia Avatar


  3. dumbestblogger Avatar

    That’s really touching. I’ll never forget the last few days I spent with my Mom either.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Prayed for all of you today. Thank you for sharing, what a
    blessed day for Sister Thiel and all of you . Year 2 for me/us…went to visit my Mom’s Memorial Gardens Mausoleum site with my girls and the granddaughter. Did a large and long video call combo call with all 8 grandkids, their parents and Denise (fun, constant laughter, no focus on the pandemic at all) after powerful on-line church services and exchanging many Mother’s Day text messages and calls. It was blessed, but bittersweet day, full of sharing old memories and making new ones. Denise said, Grandmommy didn’t get to see Yejide, my granddaughter……

    Thanks again for sharing. Praying for you all.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Aww…thank you for sharing, as well.

      1. Anonymous Avatar

        You’re welcome 🙂

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  7. cheriewhite Avatar

    Beautiful tribute to your mother, Herb!

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thank you.

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