Throw It Back Thursday – Al

“Hey, Al! Al Dente!”
I couldn’t believe it. It was my old pal, “Lenny! Lenny Guinne! How are ya these days? Still making a pesto yourself?”
“Nah. I’ve been seeing this shy little noodle. Although she’s really come out of her shell, lately.”
I elbowed him. “I suppose she’s a saucy little tortellini?”
“You gotta meet her, Al. She’s got angel hair and while she has a ziti here and there, she has a great pasta-nality. Besides, she’s not alfredo nothin’.”
“So, she’s real and not an impasta?”
“She saw a bug – atini one, but a vermincelli and swatted it with her capellini. I’m going to take her to the big dance.”
“The meatball? That’s pretty fancy.”
“Yeah. I have to wear a bowtie. We have to go because she is really into parmesan politics.”
“What’s her name?”
“Penne. Sorry, Al, but I gotta go and help my boss move some cases of sauce. He just ain’t stroganoff.”
“Okay, Lenny. Pasta la Vista.”

Throw It Back!


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