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My Cars

I have never owned a brand new car. The newest car I ever owned was, I think, five years old at the time. I wound up having to trade it in for a minivan. That’s not today’s story, however. This is kind of a tag-on to yesterday’s post.

I have two cars, one is a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser and the other is a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe. When we take Grandma to church we have to use the PT. she can’t step up at all, so the Santa Fe is out. We push her wheelchair up to the open door of the PT and she stands up long enough to turn around and lower herself into the seat. The Santa Fe is too high for her to do this.

The PT is a great little car, and I like it. The seats all fold down flat and it winds up having as much room as a little truck. I have hauled flooring and mulch and large loads of groceries. It’s very good on gas and easy to drive. In good weather.

The Santa Fe is All Wheel Drive and is a bit like a truck as well. When my son-in-law couldn’t get his Jeep to go up the hill, the Santa Fe and a tow rope got him home.It would have easily made it up the hill last night.

So, yesterday they were talking about snow coming, but the weather wasn’t supposed to turn bad until later in the evening. So we loaded up the granny and went to church. Coming out of church we saw a heathy(unhealthy?) coating of ice and snow. My little PT actually did fairly well, until the hill, but I am also an overcautious slowpoke with the caveat that I am an alive, overcautious slowpoke.







3 responses to “My Cars”

  1. Amber Avatar

    Nothing wrong with that. I get it with a little eat the snow on the road Miata. No bueno

  2. Carter Avatar

    But have you ever had a truck the same model year as yer missus or first born?I have both covered with my ’69 F-250 I had and the ’93 F-150 I currently drive

    1. Herb Avatar

      Hmmm…That might take some doing.

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