The Y2K Scare

December 31, 2019 Herb 3
Twenty years ago, the scary, fearsome, and dreaded Y2K bug was going to destroy life on the planet as we know it. Chaos and rioting in the streets were going to wreak Continue Reading[...]

Still Sick

December 29, 2019 Herb 2
I enjoy a lot of the old-time radio shows and have a membership on Vintage Radio Shows. Here is an Old Time Radio classic. Abbott and Costello with Peter Lorre. Costello gets Continue Reading[...]


December 28, 2019 Herb 1
Our entire household has been smitten with the Influenza B virus. from the 3 month old to the 89 year old and everyone in between. I am feeling puny and not even Continue Reading[...]

Rudolph's Wish

December 27, 2019 Herb 2
Christmas was over. Santa and his reindeer finally had a chance to rest. And they deserved it. They had done a good job. Rudolph had a chance to do something he had Continue Reading[...]

Merry Xmas!

December 25, 2019 Herb 2
Wait! Wait! Back! Put the torches down! Ouch! Watch out with those pitch forks! They’re pointy! Stop! Let me explain! Okay. So. (phew!) Here’s the deal. The X in Xmas has been Continue Reading[...]

In A Few Hours

December 24, 2019 Herb 2
You’ll get a more substantial entry, but right now I’m pretty busy. Merry Christmas!

Church Bulletins

December 22, 2019 Herb 1
From the archives, the note attached said these were real bloopers that appeared in Summer, 2007, from various sources. Since at least one of my readers, and possibly more, does this kind Continue Reading[...]