Vacation Writing

You would think that if a person was on vacation that they should have all kinds of time to sit around and write. Well, sometimes it works the opposite. It’s been a kind of long day today and will be again tomorrow when we’re driving back.

Not saying it wasn’t fun. It was great. We woke up at 3:00 am and were in the car by 4:00am and got to the park by 4:30-ish. The place was starting to get packed already. This year we just had everybody get out and pile in to the park but I think next time we do this (we don’t really do this very often, just whenever all the various blessings necessary to undertake a mission like this line up just right.) we will just have a couple of adults get out and leave the rest of the kids in the car until it’s closer to time to start.

It all came out pretty good, though. We had some old phones charged up that we gave to the kids to take pictures with so I am hoping to have a nice gallery set up for you to view in a few days.

They have all left for the balloon glow and left Margaret and me with Grandma Pike and Alex, so it’s pretty peaceful at the moment.


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