The Arrival

Greetings Fans, Friends, Fiends, Foes, Foundlings, Family and assorted other Followers! In order to maintain my streak and keep my commitment to blogging every single day, I am trying to use my phone to do this. I hope that the quality is okay.

Fortunately the trip to Albuquerque was fairly uneventful. Check-in time for our Airb&b house was 3:30 and we got here at around 3:45. Very nice house with plenty of room for our big group. Lots of time for bonding with Alexander 🤩. Yay! Got a couple of good pics of Uncle Tong and Grandma Pike holding him.

Tomorrow morning at 0: dark-early we will be getting up and watching the ascension of special shapes. I wish Google pics would be easier to work with as far as sharing on the web goes.

Uncle Tong and Alexander


  1. Beautiful photo of Grandma Pike!! I was sent some photos of the balloons, and They were great! Have a great time!

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