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It’s The Coffee Talkin’

Ugh! Fire good!

There’s something about sitting by a campfire (when they are allowed and our state isn’t on fire) and talking late into the night with a hot cup of Jo. Um, talking with someone around the campfire while holding a cup of Jo. Although I have had some pretty good talks with a good, hot, cup of coffee, they are usually not when other people are around

I have always been an early riser, especially over the last 30 years.  Uncle Sam gave me a good habit with that.  When, as I am wont to do,  I get up this early, I’ve been getting a big mug of coffee and going out on the patio and sitting.  It’s calm and peaceful and the crickets have quieted down but the birds aren’t awake and the worms are still safe. The early morning, sometime just before the dawn, is my favorite time of the day.  When we are camping, I am the one who gets up and stirs the coals back into life and sets the coffee on.  Sometimes my son beats me to it, but not often.

This has always been my prayer time and I always used to do the traditional kneeling at my chair in the front room, but over the last little while, I have discovered a couple of things.  First, my knees aren’t quite what they used to be and second, the patio is relaxing.  So, the other day I recalled something our Bishop had said about having a cup of coffee with Jesus and decided to try it.  It was great to to focus on listening for that still, small voice.  I don’t know if there’s a way to describe it, really.  For me it’s not an audible voice but more of a…I don’t know, impression on my soul.

Anyway, I have had some good conversations over a cup of coffee.



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One response to “It’s The Coffee Talkin’”

  1. AMBER C HAHN Avatar

    Best way to go with Jesus time and coffee.

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