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I Still Swear…So Help Me God

October 31, 2006 Herb 0
*Standing at attention, right arm at ninety degree angle* “I, Herbert C. Thiel, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance Continue Reading[...]
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Stem Cell Issue

October 29, 2006 Herb 0
Hollyweird has been unusually quiet this election.  Maybe someone told them to shut their traps, or as Laura Ingraham says in the title of her book, “Shut up and sing.”  There has been a noticeable flap between Michael J Fox and Rush Continue Reading[...]
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October 22, 2006 Herb 0
My theory in choosing a liberal as a running mate was that it would blow the collective mind of the lefty media.  They wouldn’t know how to cover it.  But after Jerry’s comments I gave it some more thought.  The media wouldn’t Continue Reading[...]
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How To Vote

October 19, 2006 Herb 0
I am going to give you a quick lesson on how to pick your candidates.  Probably the most important thing an American can do in our democracy, which is actually a representative republic, is often relegated to listening to 30 second attack Continue Reading[...]
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More Sadness

October 8, 2006 Herb 0
First I’d like to agree with Abby, yes the Amish are classy.  Very respectable people and good citizens, they are good examples of the Christian ideals of forgiveness and love (over half the people at the killer’s funeral were local Amish people).  Continue Reading[...]
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October 6, 2006 Herb 0
Abigail forgot her homework yesterday, so I wound up visiting her school. I like the school and I like the staff. There were a couple of differences that were glaring to me, but probably wouldn’t be to the casual visitor, though. They Continue Reading[...]