My theory in choosing a liberal as a running mate was that it would blow the collective mind of the lefty media.  They wouldn’t know how to cover it.  But after Jerry’s comments I gave it some more thought.  The media wouldn’t freak out, they would just fall in love with the VP candidate (until they heard his fiscal policies) and convince him to run instead of me and then I would never win.  Besides, Gull is right, I do belong here in the blogosphere, although if elected I could be the first prez to be blogger. Instead of a weekly radio broadcast I could do a podcast of my current blog.  Okay, so I accept Jerry’s timely resignation.  We have irreconcilable differences in some areas.  I still count him as one of my friends, though and I think that is about as close to keeping my New Year’s resolution to “love a liberal” as I can come.

Speaking of loving liberals, the liberal radio network, Air America, is going belly-up.  This is because they didn’t understand a couple of things.  First, they didn’t have anyone on-air who had actual radio broadcasting experience.  The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (Leftists have conspiracy theories, too) was so deep and far-reaching that it took people with years and years of broadcast knowledge and experience, not only in broadcasting, but in listening to what people wanted to know, rather than cramming junk philosophy down their throats.  They already had gotten so much of that from the mainstream media and Hollyweird until they wanted to puke, that they just didn’t want to listen to anymore.  Their main anchor, Al Franken, was never funny on SNL or in his books, so why would he be funny on the radio?  Then when he would get a big-name conservative to interview he would just call them names, thinking he was funny, but really he never even conducted an actual interview.  The second thing that the libs who poured bazillions of dollars into this forgot they were going to be competing with a well-established liberal radio network, NPR.

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy started out 20+ years ago with a guy who had already had almost 20 years of broadcasting experience.  Someone took a chance on his, at the time, crazy idea for a nationally syndicated radio talk show.  Besides saving AM radio, Rush Limbaugh went on to be, and still is, the number one listened to radio show in America.  He gets sponsors and sells ads and radio stations make money.  That’s why he’s still on-air.  He is not my personal favorite, but he is a true broadcasting pioneer.  My favorite used to be Sean Hannity, because, among other things, he has the other side talk.  He will frequently have both a Dimocrat and a Republican on talking about an issue and he lets them talk as long as they stay on topic.  I notice the Dims have a lot of trouble staying on-topic.  I have equally been enjoying Glenn Beck a lot, too.  I switch between Glenn and Laura Ingram in the mornings and between Sean and a local radio host, Chuck Baker, locally on AM 1580 K4 talk 1 – 3pm.  Chuck has been around for a very long time and has gotten in trouble for speaking his mind about Social Services.  At 4 – 6pm I listen to another local guy on AM 740 KVOR.  He is more moderate.

The reason The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy has worked is because these folks are saying what people want to hear.  They ask the questions that are on everyone’s minds, sometimes even unarticulated.  Most people that claim they don’t like conservative radio are also people who have never listened to it.  Listening to 1 hour 1 day of 1 week of any show that is 3 hours a day cannot give you a good grasp of what it’s about or what the humor of the host is like.  You also do not hear the criticisms they level at both their own party and their own base, such as Rush’s referring to the people who plan to withhold their vote this election as “Cut and Run Conservatives.”  You gotta vote, folks.  Everyone.  Glenn Beck offers the best advice on choosing a candidate to vote for.  He says (what I said the other day) that you need to vote AMERICAN.  You need to vote for the candidate that represents you, e.g., what do they believe about national security and do they have a record on it.

It is time to go get ready for Sunday School so I must go.

Remember, the good book says, A vote for Herb is like a vote for nobody else.

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