How To Vote

I am going to give you a quick lesson on how to pick your candidates.  Probably the most important thing an American can do in our democracy, which is actually a representative republic, is often relegated to listening to 30 second attack ads and a biased propaganda machine.  If you live in another country (I have readers from around the world) that allows you to vote in free elections then this will also apply to you but it is election time here and so I will focus on here.

I think one of the scariest, most ridiculous things I have ever heard or read anyone say is, “I vote a straight party ticket.  I just go and click the lever that says my party’s name and then I’m done.”  That is really wrong and wrong-headed.  What you need to do is study the individual for yourself.  You need to know where each person stands on each issue.  But even before that there is a step you need to take.  You need to know what you believe in.  You should pick out a handful of issues that are important to you, that you know what you believe in and that, if you were the elected official, you would work to change then vote for the person who reflects your specific values.  This may or may not be along party lines.  The thing people need to realize and do is assess themselves, first, then assess the candidates and issues.  You need to vote for the person, not the organization.  What this country needs is yet another record-breaking voter turn-out by people who know what they believe in who will vote for people who will represent them.

You also need to think of the country.  Republicans are being threatened by conservatives saying they are going to withhold their votes and not vote at all this year.  I guess that is an option, but just think about this, conservatives.  The Speaker of the House is only 3rd in line from the presidency and it could be YOU that causes everyone to have to say, “President Pelosi.”  The very idea of saying that gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies.  It even gives moderate Democrats the willies, but that is what you can look forward to.  Withhold your vote.

Any democracy where you have to elect someone to represent you would benefit from my simple advice although as I’ve often said before, if more people would only listen to me in the first place the world would be much better off.  Well, if I can’t convince either Skunfeathers or Condi to run for president maybe I should run.  “Herb for President!”  How does that sound?

Hmmm…Time for a new poll, perhaps.

Remember, the good book says, “A vote for Herb is like a vote for…umm…Herb.”

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