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The Visitor

September 13, 2006 Herb 2
I have seen it around in various forms and perhaps you have, too. The message is pretty clear. It is not original with me, but I wish it were. Feel free to copy it and send it around. I am still working Continue Reading[...]
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Another Old Buddy

September 7, 2006 Herb 0
When the girls were in Scouting they learned a sweet, cute little song about friendship, which went: Make new friends But keep the old One is silver And the other is gold While I was at my dad’s house this last time, Continue Reading[...]
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Big Dummy

September 2, 2006 Herb 1
Thanks for all the comments, e-mails and kind words from everyone. I really do plan to get back on track, visiting around everyone’s blogs and updating mine. I don’t know how many “back-issues” I will get to, but probably not many, since Continue Reading[...]