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Tab’s Trip Pt 2

Well, Tabitha, who’s nickname is “Tab The Bad Cat,” made it home after her adventure. She and Sis. G. got to the airport and made it to Denver before they had any problems. While they were in the air, with 4 dollars apiece, on the way to Colorado Springs the captain announced that they might be detoured to Grand Junction because of the weather! They were pretty upset, but then it was decided they could come on, so they were just a half hour late here. She learned the age-old truth, it’s nice to go away but it’s nice to come home again.

They had a less-than-favorable impression of the city of Fresno, but otherwise had a good time. Overpriced hotel food, sleeping in a strange place, staying up late and getting up early, all make for a good convention time. 😉 My daughter and her other accomplices, (a bunch of young gals led by the notorious Ashley herself) who went to this conference to learn to be better Christians, broke curfew the last night and while they didn’t actually fib to the hall monitors, they did, er, misrepresent themselves a bit. Apparently the chap asked their group as they were wandering the halls after the approved time, if they were all over 18 and one of them just answered him in a vague sort of affirmative for the whole group. Of course, Tabitha’s idea of being bad and taking advantage of the situation was to stay up and talk until 3:30 in the morning with a bunch of girls, woo-hoo. Naughty Kitty!

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